For Adventurous Women


When it comes to good-looking, high-functioning, and confidence-inspiring adventure outfits, well, sometimes women have been put on the backburner.

But female-specific gear is not an afterthought at REV'IT! 
It’s an essential part of our collection.


With a host of female designers and product developers under our roof, as well as our very own Women’s Adventure Riding Team, we can gather the necessary information and feedback to point our adventure travel clothing in the right direction; helping to create the ideal tailored gear for the female riding community.

Knowing that this particular kind of motorcycle clothing market is as limited as it is, we bring women all over the world the all-new, fourth-generation Sand 4 Ladies H2O adventure outfit.



The Sand 4 H2O jacket; the product of four generations of consistently improving on the best-of-the-best. When we introduced the original Sand jacket back in 2009, we set out to build an ADV garment that addressed all the wants and needs of adventure riders. Of course, it was a hit and an instant classic.

​Since then, the world of adventure riding evolved, and so has our flagship ADV jacket. The Sand 4 H2O Ladies jacket comes with updated features like a detachable and separately wearable waterproof liner, a detachable thermal liner for multi-season use, CE-level 2 SEEFLEX™ armour at the shoulders and elbows, and much more. Not to mention the lightweight and highly abrasion-resistant outer shell and a refined waistline cut to improve comfort and fit, both on and off the bike.


As with any great adventure riding suit, a superb jacket is joined with an equally capable pair of pants. The Sand 4 H2O Ladies pants naturally match the performance, comfort, and style of the Sand 4 H2O Ladies jacket and help form the pinnacle of modern adventure riding outfits for women riders. The pants also come with multi-season versatility including a waterproof and detachable liner, a detachable thermal liner, CE-rated protectors at the hips and knees, multiple adjustability points (for a personally tailored fit), and, well, the list goes on.


Riding on and off-road requires a certain synergy with the motorcycle. Every bit of feedback from the road and trail is important information you need to stay in control, and you need gloves that offer protection without slowing you down.

​The Sand 4 Ladies gloves complete the Sand 4 H2O Ladies ensemble, enabling a generous range of motion while offering maximum protection for your more extreme adventure rides.

Whether you’re a trail-hardened veteran looking to upgrade your old riding suit for the new season, or new to adventure riding altogether and need help
navigating the world of ADV, we’re here to show you what we’ve got.